Most men lead  lives of quiet desperation and  go to the grave with the song still in them.” Henry David Thoreau’s quote is not a critic of humanity’s desperation. Instead, it is intended as a  wake-up call to LIVE and FEEL FULLY ALIVE  and to live with enjoyment, wonder, surprises, beauty, inspiration, love and divinity.

 Yes, people are living in desperation from the ravages of war, poverty, disasters such as our recent bushfires, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, floods, drought, hunger and poverty. However, Thoreau is talking about desperation that comes from resignation. People resign their lives to mediocrity, of believing that this is how life is and will be,  they resign themselves to not enjoying living because they feel unworthy, ashamed, or see no value in themselves. Yes, there are so many reasons it happens. But it means that some people resign themselves to low income, poor health and vitality and an unfulfilling life.

I also led a life of quiet desperation. For ten years, I experienced poor health which started with experiencing burn out. I went to many Healing Crusades Meetings and Prayer Lines. I went from medical doctors to alternative practitioners, getting investigations and spending hundreds of dollars,  trying and striving to do the right thing, pushing myself at work to excel and attend to my family’s needs yet feeling poorly.  

At this time in my journey of healing,  I gave my power away to Health Practitioners.  I was always seeking to be fixed. I never looked at why I was leading a  life of quiet desperation.

 I went to medical services that were like a revolving door. I resigned myself to believing this is how it was meant to be.  I got pills and portions and advice to return if things did not improve. So, I kept going back.  

Nine years ago, I went to a Functional Medical Doctor who treats every system of the body. He told me my health condition was reversible, notably if I improved my nutrition and gut bacteria balance. I started treatment and then did not continue. I told myself I could not afford to go back. Yes! There were financial constraints at the time. However, I did not think about the money I was spending on antihistamines and other expensive medications and creams,  hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment I never used and weight management products. I also did not consider the cost of what would happen if I did not eliminate the problem.  I resigned myself to my belief of lack -that there is no money or that I could not make any other money to once and for all eliminate the problem.

I resigned myself to an inefficient and ineffective method of symptom management, and it progressively led to two bleeds in my eye, resulting in vision loss. I was so shocked and very disappointed in myself.  I would do anything for my children, I help others to the best of my ability, but I did not help myself or invest in myself.  Now I was sick, more symptoms of an immune crash were appearing, and my skin was so inflamed and broke down till it bled, and I was in pain.

 I told myself OK, body, you have my attention! NOW!  I Choose Life. I researched how to reset and restore my body. I saved every dollar and even borrowed money from my mother to go overseas to train as a Resilience Trainer to transform stress and reset my body. I implemented everything I learned and saw results like the return of my blood pressure reading to what I had 20 years ago. My skin started to glow, and the inflammation in my skin stopped.  When the bacteria and fungi in the body were in balance, the inflammation, infections and bloating reduced, and my mood improved.  

I stopped being fearful of illness and disease. Instead, I was filled with wonder and awe at how wonderfully we were created and how the body keeps balancing, healing and restoring all the time.

 I became aware that I made excuses all the time. I used to tell myself I was BIG BONED! Instead of overweight. I used to tell myself that I was too busy to have a lunch break, and I did not have enough time to go for a walk.  I also resigned myself to cultural and gender expectations and religious teaching that kept me striving for perfection, approval, acceptance and keeping up appearances, which drained my energy and joy in life. I realised that I resigned myself to the belief that my problems were in the genes and told myself often that there is nothing I can do about it.  I am not condemning myself because my actions were due to me not valuing myself. I learned to have compassion for myself. I increased in self-love and started being kind to myself, correcting negative self-talk.  

Then I discovered epigenetics and how environmental factors, multigenerational transmission, beliefs and unexpressed emotions turn genes off and how to turn it back on for optimal health.   I practised Meditation, Prayer and Stillness that strengthened my faith. The first thing I learned in these spiritual practices is to REST. The word RESTore contains the word REST. I experienced in every cell of my body that I  was loved, accepted and approved of and am never separated from my Creator. I made a decision not to return to bondage because I was SET FREE.* 

There are so many studies that show Healing comes from LOVE,  giving and receiving love. I learned that I did not receive love, yet  I yearned for it all my life. The more I learned about how limiting my beliefs were and corrected it, the stronger I felt and started to live with joy and freedom. Of course, it was not over, and I knew I had to face the pain I was running from. This was when I learned that unexpressed emotions were trapped in my body and these emotions tend to stay in certain organs impacting their function. I  knew I had to  LET GO of decades of anger, anxiety,   bitterness, contempt, disappointment, rejection, resentment, shame and sadness. 

My body is now singing, and as the burdens dropped,  my face started to look softer, and the aches have gone. When you reset your body, youthful and happy hormones are released.  A reset brings the body, mind, heart, nervous system, hormones and emotions into alignment.

I dreamed that I would share this information about reclaiming health to others as  95% of health problems are related to stress, and one in two Australians have a chronic illness. So I developed Coaching programs: Recover, Rejuvenate and Refresh, Create the Life You Want and Reclaim Your Health: Feel Fantastic in 90 Days to help people break free from the chains that are holding them back.

Why am I sharing this with you?

  •  I wrote this to give you or your loved one hope. If you are chronically unwell or stressed, the body can reset. Believing this is how things are and won't change really leads to a life of quiet desperation and you don't have to live as I did.
  • Reach out for FREE strategy sessions to reset, transform stress/relationships or anything that is keeping you from feeling ALIVE. If you are interested in Reclaiming Health: Feel Fantastic in 90 Days, you can do part of the program in 4 or 8 weeks or the full program in 12 weeks. Express your Interest! (Email [email protected] ).
  • Please share your insights that you got from this blog with others.  Together we can encourage people to Live! and Feel Fully Alive!

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DISCLAIMER: The intention is to transform you  (adults) from inside out. It is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.  Be Wise! Seek Medical Care.             



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